The 5th annual race will be on 21st October 2017

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Walk races 5000 m and 3000 m will be separated because of large numbers of athletes.
The schedule is updated as: 11:20 - 5000 m, 11:50 - 3000 m, 12:15 - 1000 m.


Location and start

  • PSK Olymp Praha
    The Ministry of Interior sport centre
    Za Císařským mlýnem 1063/5; Praha 6
    Athletic tartan track stadium (400 m)
  • 11:20 – 5000m walk race: men, women, junior men, junior women, girl and boy youths
  • 11:50 – 3000m walk race boys and girls
  • 12:15 – 1000m walk race: young children
  • 12:30 – hour walk race, 1st „wave“: men, women
  • 14:00 – hour walk race, 2nd „wave“

Registrations online started!

Starting cost

  • Starting cost 150 Kč / 6 € for athletes who register via internet before the race day. It is possible to pay before hand or at the race office on the day of the race. Athletes who are not pre-entered before the race day will pay the full cost of 300 Kč / 12 €
  • Children, youths and juniors have free entry


There are financial awards for the top three in the main race (the hour walk race).

  • Men:
    • 1st place - 200 EUR
    • 2st place - 100 EUR
    • 3nd place -   50 EUR
  • Women:
    • 1st place - 200 EUR
    • 2nd place - 100 EUR
    • 3rd place -   50 EUR

Results announcement

  • The results will be announced immediately after the race in the stadium
  • During the whole afternoon refreshments will be provided to all competitors and their supporters
  • Every competitor will get a diploma and a time protocol of the race

Technical provision

  • The race office will be open from 10:30 to 12:15 (13:30 in the case of a second start).
  • Time measured by an electronic timer.
  • The race is a part of EUROPA CHALLENGE 2017.

How to get there

By bus no. 131 to the Goetheho bus stop (from the Hradčanská metro station), then follow the map.

By car around Výstaviště Holešovice to the Za elektrárnou street, around the Stromovka park almost to the end of the Za Císařským mlýnem street.

General information

  • This event is mainly financed by the firm SMOLA KONSTRUKCE PRAHA with additional financial support from firm RENTIA
  • The organiser in not liable for the competitors’ personal belongings
  • All competitors start at their own risk (with all the consequences), children under 18 at their parents‘ or legal representatives‘ risk. All competitors should undergo adequate training for the event and be fit and healthy before starting. The organisers reccomend all competitors to undergo a medical examination prior to the race
  • Changing rooms, WC, showers, refreshment in the area of the stadium